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Lab Reports

We put ethics at the front of CBD

When you choose Prolong CBD Oil products, you choose:CBD Lab Reports for GFCC Guaranteed Full Cannabinoid Products

Truth: Each batch is delivered to you with an independent lab report Certificate of Analysis and Quality, as well as best before date. This visibility and testing ensures each batch meets strict quality control standards and is traceable throughout the supply chain and Seed to Shelf, utilising this method means we are able to work backwards and create a complete audit trail for each and every single product sold.

Benefits: This gives consumers transparency as to what exact ingredients are in the products they consume as each batch is in-house tested, 3rd Party tested and also goes through 2 extraction processes.
We post the results of these tests for clarity and Traceability.

Guaranteed Contents

The whole extraction process ensures that we have a GFCC Guaranteed Full Cannabinoid Content. Prolong products cut through a market that is rife with inconsistencies and inaccuracies, to bring you genuine and GFCC Guaranteed Full Cannabinoid products, without compromise.


Lab Analysis

Prior to the extraction process beginning our lab determines cannabinoid content and assesses the plants microbiological suitability and then after extraction we further test.

Our Lab is (GLP) Good Laboratory Practices Certified ISO 17025 / EC2017. Proving we have reliable and trusted In-House Cannabinoid Testing in GLP compliant laboratory, ensuring all of our CBD products and developed and produced to achieve the same exceptional standards.


Third-party lab verifies our supreme quality is confirmed by independent laboratories.

Complete Traceability And Transparency