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How CBD Oil is Different than Hemp Oil?

How CBD Oil is Different than Hemp Oil?

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Enchanting Difference Between Cbd & Hemp Seed Oil


Major number of people are confused between the difference of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. CBD comes from the name Cannabidiol and is one of the 100 chemical compounds which are also known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is often mistaken as Hemp Oil. It may be considered that Hemp Oil has been utilized for a long time yet remained unnoticed. It only came into limelight because of an intervention of a similar element with relatable properties coming into the market and was known to have better properties.

Difference in Extraction

The reason behind the confusion between the two got detected when it came to answering the question of production of both the oils. Both of them are extracted from the same plant, scientifically known as “Cannabis Sativa”.

For instance, you may consider the difference between your siblings and yourself. All of you belong to the same family tree yet have different flaws and qualities. Both, Hemp and CBD Oil are extracted from the same plant, but from different parts. As known around, the major difference between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil is they are extracted from different parts of the same plant. The leaves, stalk or/and flowers are used for extraction of CBD oil while hemp oil is extracted from the Hemp plant seeds.

Another factor making difference between both the oils is the amount of CBD present in them. The name CBD itself suggests that it contains major amount of cannabinoids while the Hemp Oils also contains minor amounts of CBD.

Difference in Cost

The easiest way to distinguish between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil is the difference in cost. If someone is providing you CBD Oil for comparatively cheaper rates as compared to market rates, you are prone to be robbed. It is because the extraction process of CBD oil is comparatively complex than the extraction Hemp Oil which makes it worth the extra penny that is to be paid. This does not mean that higher the price, better the quality, but one knows the difference if you have the amount of the discount is more than expected.

Difference in Plantation

Though both hemp oil and CBD Oil are extracted from the same plant yet both of them have different plantation methods. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp plant, which can be grown anywhere. While for the proper amount of CBD concentrated parts of the plants, they need proper care and required temperature of the plant.

Utilization of Hemp Oil & CBD Oil

Many will know that CBD can be used in many products where Hemp Oil is used in. Research shows Hemp Oil is used in products such as body care products, paints, soaps, shampoos, fuel, skin purposes to moisturize and soothe inflammation, moderate oil production without clogging skin pores and may reduce skin wrinkles to prevent signs of aging. But what about adding CBD to Hemp Oil products? CBD has multiple additional properties along with the properties included in Hemp Oil, for example, like up to 7 cannabinoids like CBG,   present in full-spectrum CBD oil (CBG is not found in hemp oil) may deter cancel cell growth or may slow down bacterial growth. Similar way full-spectrum CBD oil contains CBDA Cannabidiolic Acid (This element is absent in hemp oil) that may act as an anti-inflammatory and may also prevent cancer cell growth. This way full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil contains moreover properties than hemp oil which has been observed by researchers and may be useful in various ailments. Thus CBD may supersede hemp oil in terms of usage with added benefits of CBG, CBDA, CBDV, CBN and others.

Which one is under more Scrutiny?

Due to the production of Hemp Oil as well as CBD Oil from the “Cannabis Plant”, in simple terms the marijuana plant, their production comes under tight observation to maintain the limit of cannabinoids inside the product. But it doesn’t mean that the product is illegal and can be used as long as it is produced under the guided laws.

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