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Prolong – CBD Oil Products for Better Health

Prolong – CBD Oil Products for Better Health

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Better Health All products with Complete Laboratory Testing and Traceability

At Prolong we take special care of our product and farms, every hemp plant is important, they are processed with utmost perfection from seed to the final product without losing or damaging beneficial elements. We use EU certified seeds, cultivating, and farming processes and manufactures EU standard machines. CBD oil is a type of Phyto cannabinoid, non-GMO based product used for anxiety and nerve disorders. Its formula is C21H30O2.

The CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. We are committed to the superior quality supply and serving. CBD oil is extracted from the plant then the components are separately extracted for the further processing in the lab. The product is laboratory tested and the COA Report (Certificate of Analysis) batch referenced, sealed and labelled with lab batch reference shown on every table before it reaches the shelf of the stores and online websites.

CBD Oil Products

Various CBD Products

Full-spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD is manufactured from the complete cannabis plant using the resin rich leaves and flowers, rich in content of additional cannabinoids and minimal limited THC which is a hallucinogenic element of this plant. This is unlike the CBD isolate as it contains hundreds of cannabis leaves into it. The effect of this is not nearly the isolate products but is considered to be much safer for use. It helps the biological system to function smoothly.

Finest Quality CBD Oil Drops

CBD capsules are pain relief capsules that are high in CBD and are available in the form of solid pills. It helps one to focus and also use in exercise-induced recovery. It is also convenient and helpful for the ones who are allergic or can’t tolerate the smell of cannabidiol. It is a legal product in the medical field.

Prolong CBD Oral Capsules 300mg

CBD is also available as a balm, known as CBD balm which is antioxidant and helps to have better sleep and reduce acne. It is very strong and powerful.

It is also safe as it doesn’t reach the bloodstream but gets absorbed completely throughout the surface and mainly used as a relief element.

CBD beauty cream helps to reduce dryness of the skin and also effectively used for removing itching sensation and redness from the skin. It is one of the best medicines for eczema and psoriasis. It is also an anti-ageing cream that prevents wrinkles to appear on the face. This is preferred by a large number of customers as it has much fewer side effects than any other beauty cream.

CBD Balm 1% 3% Full Spectrum CBD Cream With A Unique Blend of Natural in

CBD Glucosamine cream is a pharmaceutical cream used to apply on the joints like knee, back, neck for massage for the relief of the pain occurring there. It gives instant relief within a few minutes and has a long effect on the surface where it is put by soothing the skin and then peripheral circulation.

CBD for Pets

The CBD Pets Care is the best kind of a remedy to a playful animal rather than a friendly pet because it shows quick action in the animal body to comfort any kind of pain it has received.

CBD sports gel or a semi-thick liquid used by players who are indulging in heavy sports to get a very fast solace from any kind of joint pain they had received while playing so that they can be fit within a short while. The gel is cool when applied but then it gets warm and heals the swelling at a quick rate.

Prolong Group ltd CBD Oil Products for Better Health

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